These pictures show the construction
of the 10,000 square footoffice for
Winneshiek County FSA.

Foundation and Exterior Walls:
Insulated Concrete Forms

While this building has a full basement, ICF
is easily built directly on a concrete slab. In
such a case, the air ductwork would also be
run above the first floor ceiling.

Roofing: Asphalt Shingles
There are a variety of roof materials to use.
Metal standing seam roofing, metal shingles,
and asphalt shingles are all great choices.

Siding: Stucco, Masonry, and Nova Brick
My crew has installed Nova Brick exterior
siding on the lower part of the front of this
building, and stuccoed the upper portion.
We also provide many other siding options.

Because none of the interior walls are
load-bearing, the interior layout of the
building may be adapted and changed to suit
the occupant’s needs.

Interior walls are wood-framed. Electrical
and communication cables are run above
the ceiling.

Interior Finishing:
Drywall is hung, taped, textured, and painted.
Lights and other fixtures are installed, cabinets
and counters are built and put in, the flooring
is installed, and the trim and doors are hung.